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The people of Ottawa and eastern Ontario are passionate about health care and their community.

Building a new hospital is something that we’ll do together.

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The Approach

The Ottawa Hospital has committed to strong public engagement in planning its new campus. Integrating the perspectives and ideas of our patients, families, and community members will be integral in making it the best it can be.

In spring 2017, the hospital asked third-party specialists to conduct research and report back on how best to engage with the community and patients, using the Ontario Public Engagement Framework as a guide. Their report was released in September 2017, and you can read it here.

The new campus engagement process will include open discussion and deliberation around important issues, including greenspace, design, accessibility, transportation planning and parking.

This report marks an important first step in the hospital’s evolving views on engagement, and charts a path towards a process that will be meaningful, transparent, and inclusive. The report will provide the basis for the hospital to plan its multi-year engagement strategy in detail.

In early 2018, a report on engagement with patients and families from Nunavut was released, and can be read here.

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Join the discussion: three streams

Online engagement is designed to reach anyone in the Champlain LHIN who wishes to participate. Participants will be encouraged to contribute by commenting on key issues and themes or considering how different options might fit together to create a 21st-century health-care facility.

  • Engage now
  • Share your ideas

In-person sessions will allow for face-to-face forums like town halls, focus groups or other community events. These events will do more than provide an opportunity for organizations and citizens to say what is on their minds; they will be designed to get people comparing views to see how well they align with one another’s experiences.

The Ottawa Hospital New Campus Engagement Group (the “Campus Engagement Group” or CEG) is a deliberative body that will help foster informed dialogue and consolidate views throughout the various planning stages for the new campus. In particular, the CEG will consider values-based issues related to the campus’ design and recommend “win-win” solutions that will help ensure its successful integration into the community.

Please visit www.greatertogether.ca/engage to share your ideas. Your feedback will be essential throughout the process so that together, we can plan and develop a campus that serves our community for generations to come.

Support our hospital

It takes a great community to build a great hospital.

While the government will fund the majority of the costs, we will be turning to you, our supporters, to cover the local share. The full scope of our fundraising campaign is unknown, but we know it will be significant. We will be funding new equipment, patient care, and space dedicated to research. Together, we will change the future of health care for our community and those we love.

Support patient care and research today, for a healthier tomorrow.

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