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The people of Ottawa and eastern Ontario are passionate about health care and their community.

Building a new hospital is something that we’ll do together.

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The Approach

The Ottawa Hospital has committed to strong public engagement in planning its new campus. Integrating the perspectives and ideas of our patients, families, and community members will be integral in making it the best it can be.

In spring 2017, the hospital asked third-party specialists to conduct research and report back on how best to engage with the community and patients, using the Ontario Public Engagement Framework as a guide. Their report was released in September 2017, and you can read it here.

That process will include open discussion and deliberation around important issues, including greenspace, design, accessibility, transportation planning and parking.

This report marks an important first step in the hospital’s evolving views on engagement, and charts a path towards a process that will be meaningful, transparent, and inclusive. The report will provide the basis for the hospital to plan its multi-year engagement strategy in detail.

OH Join The Discussion

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Join the discussion
In the coming years, the hospital will host engagement discussions through accessible online forums to discuss the many different issues that have been identified as important to our community and our patients.

To begin the engagement process, the hospital will host a series of public sessions and an online forum later this year to identify and validate which issues must be addressed in later sessions, begin defining the design principles which will guide the planning and development of the new campus, and provide feedback on functional concepts.


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