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The new campus will take five years to plan and design and five years to build.

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) has a five-stage process for building a new hospital. Here are the stages:

  1. Proposal and Master Plan: Look at population health trends and medical advancements; take stock of the hospital’s current services and programs, plan for future service models.
  2. Functional Program: Plan for space requirements and preliminary plans for staffing and equipment
  3. Preliminary Design: Design new campus in detail for all aspects of the buildings and the site as a whole, based on patient and community input
  4. Contract Documents: Refine architectural plans and detailed schedule for design and construction
  5. Construction

For stage 1, planners are looking at population health trends and projections of how the region’s population will age and grow. In addition, the team will factor in how medical advancements and new health-care models will change how health care is provided in the future. They’re also meeting with medical leaders from across the hospital and holding workshops to talk about what each program and service needs to serve its patients and achieve its goals.

In stage 1, the planners will use the information they’ve learned to plan how many beds and how much space each department needs across the hospital’s three campuses. This plan will be submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and will also include conceptual block drawings representative of the total square footage requirements. Detailed design will be introduced at later stages following public engagement.

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute provides cardiac care to patients of The Ottawa Hospital. The hospital and Heart Institute remain together as plans for the new campus are developed, as originally noted in the hospital’s 2008 master plan. The hospital and Heart Institute agree that the Heart Institute must be near the campus. This is crucial to providing the best 21st-century care and is in the best interests of all patients. This complex move will be planned over the next two to three years and will respect budget and timelines.

Statement by The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute regarding next generation health facilities

The planning, design and build of a new Civic campus represents the opportunity of a lifetime for health care in Ottawa. As representatives of our community, we will work in concert as boards to further the best interests of patients in a fiscally responsible manner throughout the planning process taking place over the next three years and beyond. To that end, the statement below reflects our mutual view regarding the way forward in that process.

Download the statement  (pdf)

Lawrence Soloway Signature

Lawrence Soloway
Chair of the Board
University of Ottawa Heart Institute

James G McCracken Signature
James G. McCracken
Chair of the Board
The Ottawa Hospital

The hospital will be built on a 50-acre parcel of land between Carling Avenue and Dow’s Lake known as the ‘Sir John Carling’ site. A parcel this size is consistent with best practices for new health-care centres across North America. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term-Care has supported building on a parcel of land this size.

The hospital is currently working closely with its federal partners to finalize a lease for the site. This work should be completed by early 2018.

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